Data Management Plans

During the course of a research project, data are created, collected, analyzed, stored, accessed, used, shared, and ultimately archived. Through data use agreements, researchers have access to sensitive information which may include personal and student’s records, personal health information, and other research data protected by statutes and regulations. Data management plans outline how data will be managed and documented throughout a research project, including the appropriate security and privacy controls for complying with data use agreements.

A well-designed Data Management Plan (DMP) facilitates responsible handling of data and saves time for research teams over the life of a project. In addition, DUAs generally impose specific security standards and risks on the receiving party hosting the data, which are addressed in a DMP. The DMP will document and address all requirements for keeping the data secure.

Depending on the DUA terms and the data to be shared, the Office of Research Integrity & Compliance (ORIC) may require a review and risk assessment documented in a DMP for how incoming data will be securely stored on, or accessed by, GW systems or investigators.

Developing a DMP: Helpful Resources

DMPs can serve many purposes. GW Libraries have excellent data management resources and sponsor free access to DMPTool to help you develop a DMP that meets the requirements of various funding agencies. Contact the Data Services Librarian to schedule a DMP review and discuss your data management needs.

Data Policies and Guides