COI Training

Investigators engaged in PHS-funded research are required to complete training in order to comply with National Institutes of Health (NIH) regulations.

GW investigators can complete the required training online using the CITI training program. The Office of Research Integrity will be notified once you complete the Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) training. Please be sure to retain a copy of the certificate of completion.

Access CITI FCOI Training

Required Training Modules

Within CITI, investigators must complete the following FCOI training modules:

  1. Applicability, Overview and Definitions
  2. Investigator’s Responsibilities for Promoting Objectivity in PHS-funded Research
  3. Institutional Responsibilities for Promoting Objectivity in PHS-funded Research

Often investigators take IRB or other modules of training within CITI and mistakenly believe they have completed the CITI FCOI training modules. The FCOI training is a separate module within CITI, is four questions long, and is good for four (4) years.  Please ensure you are taking the FCOI module to fulfill this requirement.

Instructions to Login to CITI

  1. Visit and click the “Register” button if it is your first time accessing the site
  2. Register using your email address
  3. CITI Program’s registration guide and video may be useful for more information

When to Complete your CITI FCOI Training

Your FCOI training needs to be completed and verified before spending is allowed on your award. Training does not need to be completed before your proposal is submitted, however it is in your best interest to complete CITI’s FCOI modules as soon as possible so that processing of the award is not delayed.